What Does a CNA Do?

Certified Nursing Assistants wear multiple hats in the healthcare industry and offer care to the patients. From assessing patients to assisting them in their daily activities they perform a wide range of tasks.

The typical role of a Certified Nursing Assistant is to work under the supervision of registered nurses or other licensed medical practitioners. As a CNA you would work in a variety of environments that includes hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even private homes. Their primary job is to administer care to patients who are elderly, chronically sick, or undergoing rehabilitation from a surgery or injury. This job requires you to wear multiple hats depending on the need of the patients. Let us take a brief look at some of the primary tasks that a nursing assistant would perform on a daily basis.

  • Assessing Patients – One of the primary tasks of a CNA is to measure the patients’ vital signs which include temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration. Apart from this nursing assistants also measure the patents’ height and weight.
  • Collecting Samples – Clinical tests play a very important role in patient care and the nursing assistants need to collect urine and stool samples for these tests. You would also monitor the input and output for assessment of the patient’s condition and response of the treatment.
  • Assist In Daily Activities – CNAs need to assist patients with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, using the restroom and eating. Here you would need to be compassionate and patient towards the patient and make sure they always feel comfortable with these tasks being performed.
  • Housekeeping and Hygiene – You would have to perform all the housekeeping tasks diligently. This includes preparing the patients’ bed, changing the bed pans, replacing the linens and collecting laundry. Maintaining proper hygiene prevents infections and also speeds up recovery in patients.
  • Transportation and Movement – Transfer patients to beds, wheelchairs, walkers or other types of mobile equipment when required. Assist them in recovery treatment such as making them walk after a surgery or assist during physiotherapy.
  • Emergency Situation – You would need to perform safety techniques such as CPR and first aid in emergency situations and call for expert help to save lives.
  • Educate Patients – You would need to educate patients on a wide range of exercises and other tasks that assist in their recovery and improve in the functioning of vital organs in the body.

In short Certified Nursing Assistants play a very vital role in the healthcare industry. It is important for you to enroll in a comprehensive training program that teaches you the skills and offers hands-on training.

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