CNA Classes: Richmond, Virginia

CNA Classes Richmond Virginia

There are many ways to complete your certification as a nurse aide, and Richmond provides many different options for CNA classes. Taking the time to complete training now will better prepare you to reap the rewards of a career in healthcare, which is projected to become the largest growing job market in the country. Building your resume now is one of the best ways to secure a fulfilling career in the future.


All CNAs must complete at least 75 hours of training at a state-approved nurse aide program in order to qualify to take the certification test. CNA classes are open to anyone over the age of 16, though many employers will not hire minors. It is best to have a high school diploma or GED, but again, this may not be required depending on the training program you choose. It is possible to complete some parts of CNA training online, but for the most part, students must be physically present for instruction to gain the hands-on skills required to perform nursing tasks. In fact, 40 of the 75 hours must be spent gaining supervised clinical experience providing patient care. Therefore, online classes may be an attractive option, but are not enough to prepare students for the practical aspects of the certification test and employment as a CNA. Certification can be completed at community colleges, technical schools, high schools, and hospitals. In Richmond, the majority of CNA classes are based at vocational nursing programs or technical schools.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

As one of the only options for community college in the Richmond area, the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College is a suitable choice for anyone completing their training as a CNA. At five credit hours, the tuition costfor the nurse aide training class is just over $700, excluding testing fees and textbook costs. The school can be reached at (804)-371-3000.

Accuhealth Educational Systems

Accuhealth Educational Systems offer many different type of healthcare training programs and certificate courses. They offer a variety of learning types and can assist with job placement after certification is complete. The CNA program falls under their heading of “Alliance for Seniors.” The program can be reached at (804)-323-6900.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross offers many different training programs, and their CNA class is one of the most popular in the country. Only available in select states, residents of Richmond can complete the distance learning program for nurse aide training, though significant portions of training are required to be completed in person. The tuition is $1,250, though financial aid is available. The American Red Cross can be reached at (804)-780-2250.

Asher Comprehensive Training Program

The Asher Comprehensive Training Program is a suitable choice for most candidates seeking their certification. It has flexible course offerings, including night and weekend classes. They hold year-round course offerings, and can accommodate most types of students. The program can be reached at (804)-233-9494.

Virginia School for Nurse Aides and Health Education

Dedicated to nurse aide certification and a few other healthcare certificates, the Virginia School for Nurse Aides and Health Education is a popular choice for many nurse aides in Richmond. The CNA class runs about five weeks long. The tuition is $1095, which includes testing fees and the price of textbooks. For more information, the school can be reached at (804)-353-1747.

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