CNA Classes and Qualifications for Tennessee

Certified nursing assistants are in high demand across Tennessee, a state with over 300 nursing homes. Because nursing homes are the main employer of CNAs, this is a great sign for the employability of any qualified healthcare professionals that fit the title. Nurse aides are one of the fastest growing jobs in healthcare and it is an accessible career for almost anyone. Training can be completed in less than two months and a job can be found even before you finish your certification. If you’re looking for a reliable job with a rewarding wage, you should consider becoming a certified nursing assistant.


The minimum requirement for becoming a nurse aide is a high school diploma or GED. Training programs will accept most types of students, but some have entrance exam requirements to test basic reading and math skills. Once accepted into training, you will have to complete a background check and complete some medical screening for TB. All CNAs are required to pass the state certification exam, but to challenge the test you must first complete a state-approved training program. These training programs will provide at least 75 hours of training, though most will go further to about 100 hours. The certification test must be challenged within one year of completing training. There are two parts: a written section and a skills section. The written section is multiple-choice and the skills section requires applicants to demonstrate a variety of nursing skills with proper procedure and protocol. All test-takers have three attempts to pass before they must repeat a training program for credit to challenge the test again.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

CNA Training Academy

The CNA Training Academy is based in Memphis. They offer daytime and evening classes which can be completed in 8 weeks. Tuition starts at $1,500, which includes textbook, stethoscope, CPR certification, exam fees, background check, and drug test. Students must provide their own TB test results and uniform. To register, visit their website or call their training center at (901)-347-3143.

Bridges CNA Training

Bridges CNA Training program is offered through the Bridges community organization based in Memphis. The training program requires 5 weeks to complete for a total tuition of $1,600. This tuition covers CPR certification, testing fees, and the textbook needed for class. For more information or registration, call the Bridges organization at (901)-452-5600. They also have a website for easy access to information.


NATS Inc. offers a 5 week training program for basic Certified Nursing Training. The program is based in Nashville. The cost of tuition is much cheaper than in other places across the state at $800. Night classes are also available but these require at least 7 weeks to complete. Day classes begin each Monday, so any week is a good time to start a new career. Visit their website or call their main office at (615)-333-8474.

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