CNA Classes: Providence, Rhode Island

CNA Classes Providence Rhode Island

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Rhode Island is one of the best ways to take advantage of the growing employment trends in the healthcare industry. There are over 1.5 million CNAs employed across America, and new jobs are created on a daily basis. Taking the time to invest in your education now will lead to a much more rewarding future, with a secure job and the ability to move forward in a fulfilling career. There are many places to complete training in Providence, with a handful of nursing programs designed primarily to help applicants achieve their nurse aide certification.


To become a CNA, applicants must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. It is possible to complete training as young as 16, but many employers will not hire minors. In Rhode Island, applicants must enroll in and complete a state-approved nurse aide training program totaling at least 80 hours of instruction. Of these hours, at least 20 must be spent gaining hands-on experience providing patient care under the supervision of a qualified nurse. There are many types of institutions that offer state-approved nurse aide training courses in Rhode Island, but in the Providence area, the majority of classes are offered at vocational nursing programs and technical colleges.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

Comprehensive Educational Services Inc.

Comprehensive Educational Services is a career training and adult education organization based in the Providence area that offers many different types of professional training and certificate programs. They offer a state-approved CNA class, and for more details, applicants must contact their office at (401)-369-8458.

Homefront Health Care

With several locations throughout the state, Homefront Health Care offers many different types of services for nurses and patients. Their CNA training program is based in Providence and offers 80 hours of instruction to satisfy state requirements. Not only useful for training, they can also help with employment and have staffing services. The organization can be reached at (401)-751-3152.

Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College

The Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College is a charter high school designed as an accelerated learning program for teenagers that want to enter the field of nursing. The program begins after 9th grade has been completed, and emulates a college curriculum and class schedule. It is a strictly regimented program, with a lengthy application process and exclusive admissions.

Crossroads Rhode Island

The Crossroads Rhode Island organization is a community-centered service that provides assistance to members of the public in the form of assisted living or educational services. Among their educational programs is a CNA class. The CNA program is specifically designed to promote employment, and offers a Career Day for professional networking. The program can be reached at (401)-521-2255.

Providence Health Career Institute

The Providence Health Career Institute offers a low-cost and flexible CNA training program. Tuition is $350, not including testing and textbook fees. They also offer online learning for the classroom portion of instruction, making it one of the only options for online CNA classes in Rhode Island. The school can be reached at their website or (401)-523-3031 for more information.

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