Red Cross CNA Training

Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organization in the world caring for the sick, wounded or homeless in wartime. Its role and functions have moved beyond the battlefield as it offers care and treatment to people who are in need of it. These days they impart training in different aspects of nursing and other healthcare jobs to prepare the next generation of caregivers. If you have a passion for serving humanity and working in the most challenging of environments, you can think of training as a CNA with American Red Cross. This training program would allow you to start your career in health care as little as six weeks. The CNA training program is also referred to as the Nurse Assistant Training and we shall offer you some insight into it.

Eligibility for Training

  • The candidate must be minimum 16 years of age.
  • Should attend an orientation and pass Assessment Exam.
  • The candidate shouldn’t be suffering from Tuberculosis
  • Physical test within the current year with no restrictions to lifting or bending.

Along with these eligibility requirements a thorough background check is completed on the candidates. This is mandatory to participate in the NAT program and the candidate would have to present current photo ID such as Driver’s License, Passport, or any other state issued ID card. The fee should be paid seven day prior to commencement of the program.

Benefits of Red Cross CAN Training
The Red Cross CNA training is considered to be one of the most comprehensive training and prepares you for every kind of challenge that you are likely to face in the job. The 180-hour course covers every aspect of nursing and caregiving in detail and prepares the students for the state competency exam that would allow you to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. What makes this training program special is the fact that student learn all the basic and advanced knowledge of caregiving from well-trained teachers and also receive strong practical knowledge as they learn in a clinical setting. Along with the training Red Cross also offers a trainee placement support allowing them to find employment easily.

Once you have completed the training with American Red Cross you would be able to offer care to residents in different kinds of settings. This include long-term facilities or in hospitals and nursing homes. Along with this you can also work in a home environment where you offer care to patient who is unable to care for himself.

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