CNA Classes: Charlotte, North Carolina

CNA Classes Charlotte NC

North Carolina is a great place to complete your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant because of the many different options and flexibility of the certification process. In the Charlotte area, there are about a dozen different training programs that are accredited to provide CNA classes. CNAs are a valuable member of many different types of healthcare teams, and the employment rate of qualified healthcare professionals is projected to skyrocket in the next decade. Taking advantage of this trend and getting access to the rewards of a bountiful job market requires a few weeks of training. The sooner you invest time in your education, the faster it will reward you.


As one of the only states that do not require students to enroll in a state-approved nurse aide course, North Carolina makes it possible to challenge the CNA certification test on your own. If the test isn’t within three attempts, applicants are required to enroll in a CNA class to challenge it again. All applicants must be at least 16 years old and satisfy criminal background checks and drug testing. Some nurse aide training programs require that trainees hold high school diplomas or GEDs, but there is variance between different CNA classes. Because there is no training requirement, online classes and study materials can be used to independently prepare for the certification test. There are many prep courses online, but the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation provides the entire curriculum for state-approved nurse aide training on their website. Using this guide will allow applicants to prepare themselves with most of the course materials used by nurse aide training programs in North Carolina, though instructors will be better able to explain and guide new nurse aides through the material. State-approved CNA classes in Charlotte can be found at community colleges and vocational healthcare schools.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

Community Colleges:

Central Piedmont Community College

The Central Piedmont Community College has extensive degree offerings for the healthcare service industry. CNA classes are among the many different types of training available. Students must be accepted into the college and take several placement tests before being able to enroll in the course. Tuition for in-state students is about $600, but after buying books and lab equipment, the cost of class is over $1,200. The phone number for the college is (704)-330-4377.

Vocational Nursing Schools

American Academy of Healthcare, LLC

The American Academy of Healthcare is a relatively new nursing program that was opened specifically to train CNAs in the Charlotte area. Their course offerings have grown, with some online courses for other medical certificates. Their CNA classes cost approximately $475, excluding lab fees, testing fees, and textbook costs. For more information, visit their website or call at (704)-525-3500.

Carolinas College of Health Sciences

The Carolinas College of Health Sciences has many clinics and healthcare centers throughout Charlotte. The hospital network also offers several different certificate programs for healthcare professionals, and the CNA training program is one of the most popular in the state. Tuition is $595, which does not include testing fees. The school can be reached at (704)-355-0975.

Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence

The Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence has extensive class offerings for CNAs at all levels of the profession. Besides the full course offering, they also have refresher courses for test-prep and recertification needs. The full course for nurse aides costs $500 to enroll, with options for a payment plan. The institute can be reached at (704)-509-4714.

Serenity Nurse Aide Academy

The Serenity Nurse Aide Academy has very flexible course offerings, with class availability on nights and weekends. Following the schedule of their day classes will lead to certification in four weeks. The CNA class costs $500, which covers textbook fees and CPR training. The academy can be reached at (704)-567-8000.

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