CNA Classes Available in New York

New York is one of the best places to find work as a Certified Nursing Assistant and thousands of people have already tapped into this growing job field. Healthcare is one of the most rewarding and reliable industries to start a career, as there will be a serious shortage of healthcare professionals in the near future. Especially with an aging American population, there are many opportunities for work at nursing homes and long-term care centers. These facilities are in great need of new CNAs to help cover the increasing demand for healthcare support services. Get certified today and start a rewarding career with an above-average entry-level wage.


To become a CNA, you must have your high school diploma or GED. This will qualify you to enroll in almost all training programs. But to begin work as a nurse aide, you must have a complete health record free of communicable diseases and a clean criminal history. All nursing assistants are required to complete a state-approved training program and then pass a certification exam. Training programs generally take 6-12 weeks, providing at least 75 hours of instruction in the classroom and clinical settings. This training will provide the knowledge you need to pass the certification exam, which has two components. The written portion of the test is multiple-choice and tests your nursing knowledge. The practical portion of the test requires candidates to perform nursing skills accurately and efficiently. By passing both parts, you will have completed your certification and can begin working at a number of types of healthcare facilities. You are allowed three attempts to pass both sections before a training program must be repeated. 

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

ABC Training Center

The ABC Training Center is one of the best training programs for new CNAs in the Bronx. It offers several different class formats for flexible scheduling. Daytime, evening and fast-track programs are all available. Most classes require at least 8 weeks to complete, but the fast-track program can be finished in 4 weeks. Tuition is higher than at other programs in the city at $1,650. This includes the cost of textbooks. Register online or call them at (718)-364-6700.

Access Careers

The Access Careers CNA training program is one of the most affordable in the state. Based in Brooklyn, this training school offers 125 hours of training in the classroom and clinical settings combined. Tuition is $800. Classes require 5-6 weeks to complete. Registration can be completed at their website or by phone at (718)-643-9060.

New Age Training

New Age Training has a CNA program based in New York City. The course offers 125 hours of instruction which will prepare all students for the certification exam. Tuition starts at $1,650 which covers all study materials, supplies, uniform, and CPR training. For questions about training schedules and the registration process, call the school at (212)-947-7940 or visit their website.

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