How to Practice for your CNA Skills Test

The skills test on the certification exam for nursing assistants is one of the most important evaluations of your abilities as a CNA. During the skills test, you will be required to perform a handful of randomly assigned tasks that the average certified nursing assistant must be able to complete throughout the workday. The tasks are chosen from a list of about 30 possible chores and range in complexity. If you want to pass your skills test, it’s important to spend the right amount of time preparing so that you can enter the exam with confidence and competence. Here are some important tips for practicing for the clinical skills portion of your CNA certification test.

Know the Skill List – More than 5

In most states, CNA candidates will be tested on at least 5 skills chosen at random from a longer list of skills. In order to do well on the test, you must be prepared to encounter any of the skills on the list. While it may be extremely time consuming to practice each one, you should at least memorize and understand what is required for each skill. Physically practicing them will be the best way to prepare, but if you can’t, go over each one procedurally. You may not have the equipment you need to practice, but watching CNA videos online and mentally reviewing the procedures will help you complete them on the day of your exam.

Get a Partner

Some of the skills on the list require a patient or practice dummy to perform. If you find a study partner to help you practice, you will be able to perform most of the clinical skills with much more accuracy and confidence on the day of the test. Using a partner will teach you how to make your patient comfortable and it will also give you an opportunity to combine your studying into a team effort. With a study partner, you can cover a greater number of skills and get tips on procedures that you may not know as well as your partner. Two heads are better than one!

Visit your Training School

Spending some extra time at your training program is the best way to practice and master the clinical skills required for certification as a nurse aide. The training schools are staffed with experienced instructors that can help you pass your clinical skills test with flying colors. Practicing with the medical laboratory and clinical equipment that will be required on the test will greatly improve your chances of passing, so take some extra time with the tools to master your skills. On top of that, some schools are also state-approved testing centers, so you may be able to learn some insider tips on what the test will be like or what instructors are looking for exactly.

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