CNA Classes: Jacksonville, Florida

CNA Classes Jacksonville Florida

Florida is one of the most promising places for Certified Nursing Assistants to complete their training and seek employment. With a significant concentration of nursing homes, there are many places to seek entry-level employment and new job opportunities are created on a regular basis. Employment trends in healthcare are expected to increase faster than any other job field over the next decade, so taking the time to complete your certification in Jacksonville can lead to a more fruitful career in the future.


The state regulations in Florida are very flexible for CNAs, and it is possible to challenge the certification test without completing any training courses or state-approved programs. All candidates must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. The certification test has two parts, a written section and a practical skills section. The written section is timed, so it is important to be comfortable reading and writing under pressure, and the practical section will require hands-on demonstrations of nursing skills. If a candidate fails any part of the test three times, they are required to enroll in a state-approved CNA class.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

Acumen Medical Services

Acumen Medical Services offers a condensed CNA class that can be completed in less than a week. The class meets four times and provides 16 hours of instruction to applicants that wish to take and pass the certification test. The class costs $225, which does not include testing fees. The program can be reached at (904)-786-6047.

Affordable Training

Affordable Training offers one of the most extensive CNA classes in the Jacksonville area. The course spans over five weeks and covers every aspect of nurse aide responsibilities and duties. The tuition is $895, which includes textbooks but not testing fees. For more information, visit their website or call them at (904)-378-0102.

STS CNA Training Center

The STS CNA Training Center offers CNA classes and is also an approved test site for the certification test, making the certification process more convenient for students that enroll in the test prep program. Tuition is $575, which includes test fees and training texts. They offer other types of classes as well, with an extensive class of 120 instruction hours for $775, or a one-day skills review class for $75. The program can be reached at (904)-272-4330.

Florida Training Academy

The Florida Training Academy offers several different types of services for trainees. They have review courses and instructional materials that can help with passing the certification exam. Their review courses are $275, but they also have independent study options available like a clinical skills DVD. Contact them at (904)-551-0918.

Training Future Nurses

Training Future Nurses is a small healthcare training institute that was founded to help nurses complete their training and certification with less stress. The company offers many different types of classes in healthcare services, and their course schedules are flexible with weekend classes. Their four-day review classes cost $275 to enroll. For more information, check out their website or give them a call at (904)-644-8410.

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