CNA Classes: Chicago, Illinois

CNA Classes Chicago Illinois

The healthcare industry is booming, and one of the most highly-demanded workers is the Certified Nursing Assistant. With almost two million employed across the United States, there are still job openings available for CNAs and new positions are created on a daily basis. Taking the time now to invest in your career will pay off greatly in the future, and there are many opportunities in Chicago to advance your professional capabilities as a nurse aide.


To enroll in a CNA class, all applicants must have at least a high school diploma or their GED. Depending on the institution you choose, there may be further qualifications such as minimum scores on placement tests, criminal background checks, and health screenings. All state-approved nurse aide training programs in Illinois must provide at least 40 hours of hands-on clinical experience or else will not qualify an applicant to take the certification test. Therefore, there are no online programs approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, though some courses may have online offerings.

Popular Programs for CNA Certification

Certification can be completed at a number of different types of training facilities: community colleges, technical and vocational schools, nursing homes, and other types of healthcare clinics. There are many choices in Chicago and classes are offered in many different locations throughout the city. Depending on individual preferences, there may be advantages to choosing one type of institution over others. For example, vocational learning programs are usually less expensive than other options, but training with a healthcare provider may yield an offer of employment sooner than other institutions.

Community Colleges:

Malcolm X College

This community college is part of the City Colleges of Chicago network and is based on the West side of the city. It offers a basic CNA course to students, totaling at about eight weeks of instruction. Tuition is affordable at about $1,300, not including the cost of textbooks and training equipment. For more details, contact the school at (312)-850-7136.

Truman College –

Truman College is also a member of the City Colleges of Chicago network. The school is based in the Uptown neighborhood on the North side of the city and has a basic nurse aide course that requires eight weeks to complete. Tuition for the CNA program is approximately $1,300, varying for out-of-state students. The school can be reached at (773)-907-4000 for more details on program offerings.

Technical/Vocational Schools:

Midwestern Career College

The Midwestern Career College has a wide selection of healthcare training options. Their course listings include a CNA class that is highly-rated among Illinois training programs. An attractive feature of this school is the option to take CNA classes for free when signed up for other programs such as Medical Assisting or Dialysis training. These programs are more expensive, but completing several certificates at once may be more efficient for a career in nursing. The school is based in the Loop and can be reached at (312)-236-9000.

Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training Inc.

Based in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood on the South side, Chicago’s Pulse CPR Training Inc. offers a state-approved nurse aide training course among several other medical certificates. The program is highly selective, and students must complete an interview to gain admission, but it is a highly-rated CNA class in the Chicago area. The tuition is about $900, and the program can be reached at (773)-445-2277.

Healthcare Providers:

Abbey Home Health Services Inc.

Abbey Home Health Services is a healthcare provider that offers CNA classes and job placement for many different nursing homes and healthcare facilities. They can provide training and also put CNAs in contact with employers and working opportunities. The school is based in Uptown neighborhood on the Near North side and can be reached at (773)-784-0044.

Competent Healthcare

Based in Horner Park on the North side of Chicago, Competent Healthcare offers an affordable CNA class and several other healthcare certificates. Tuition is approximately $875, which is on the lower end for state-approved nurse aide training courses in Illinois. The school can be reached at (773)-249-4644.

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