A CNA’s Real Role? Being A Ray Of Sunshine

There are many responsibilities associated with being a CNA. You have to assist nurses with menial tasks that they don’t have time for. You have to do light administrative tasks. You have to open a dialogue between medical staff, patients and relatives. You have to take stats and alert nurses to any potential problems that exist during the patient’s treatment. You have to conduct various hygiene tasks, such as bathing.

But none of those things really cover the true role of the CNA. Your job, before anything else, is to be a little ray of sunshine.

Bringing Some Light In The Dark 

Nurses and doctors are usually very comforting. Having bedside manner is a part of their training, though admittedly some could use a bit of practice. The problem is that they don’t have a whole lot of time.

Just like you are there to fill the gaps during the day where more basic CNA training needs have to be met, you are also going to be interacting with the patient the most. From performing daily duties to communicating any worries, you are the go-between.

This is the most rewarding part of being a CNA. You have the gift of time, giving you more opportunities to be a rock for the patient and their families during their time of need. You can make them comfortable, be entertaining, and just keep them from going stir crazy.

Not only will this be good for their well being, but for your own. With such a busy schedule, it can be hard to remember that your job is more than just running around, taking stats. It is also about interacting with those who need you, and building a relationship during the time the patient is there.

For example, say you are working in a pediatrician’s clinic. You have to take the height, weight, and blood pressure of the children who come in. But you can also be pleasant and cheerful, joking with them and putting them at ease before the doctor gets there. This can completely make a child’s day, especially when they are nervous about things like getting a shot.

You have that power as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and that is what makes you so important in any medical setting.

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